Claims Against Fiduciaries

Arizona Fiduciary Misconduct

On occasion, beneficiaries or creditors of an estate may take issue with the actions of a fiduciary and make claims based upon the fiduciary's breach of duty, self-dealing or negligence. Such claims arise not only in the administration of trusts or decedents' estates, but also in connection with conservatorships, guardianships and powers of attorney matters. Nirenstein Garnice PLLC Arizona probate lawyers both defend fiduciaries against which claims are made and prosecute such claims on behalf of beneficiaries and estate creditors.

Arizona Fiduciary Removal

Beneficiaries who are dissatisfied with a fiduciary may petition an Arizona probate court to remove that fiduciary. Nirenstein Garnice PLLC Arizona probate lawyers represent both beneficiaries wishing to remove a fiduciary and fiduciaries who are defending against a removal action.

Arizona Surcharge Actions

Claims are sometimes made that a fiduciary has committed fraud or engaged in some sort of wrongdoing resulting in loss to the estate or trust. The Arizona probate court in such cases may surcharge the fiduciary for breach of fiduciary duty and order the fiduciary personally to make the estate, trust or the beneficiaries of the estate or trust whole. Nirenstein Garnice PLLC Arizona probate lawyers represent both beneficiaries bringing such claims, as well as fiduciaries defending against such claims for surcharge.

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