Probate Appeals

When a client desires to challenge an adverse Arizona probate court decision (ruling), Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Arizona probate appeals attorneys will bring an appeal on our client's behalf. Our Arizona probate appeals lawyers have extensive experience in appeals brought in Arizona appellate courts. Our Arizona probate appeals lawyers bring a comprehensive understanding of Arizona probate issues. This combination of experience and understanding provides our clients, whether fiduciaries or beneficiaries, with strong and capable representation in any appeal from an adverse Arizona probate court decision (ruling).

Our mission is to provide our clients with objective and reliable Arizona appellate advice and representation. We offer thoughtful, innovative legal solutions, efficient and cost effective brief preparation and persuasive presentation of arguments. Arizona Appellate courts demand that even the most complex statutory, regulatory, and common law issues be presented both in writing and orally, succinctly and persuasively. That is our focus, regardless of the forum or stage of the proceedings in which we are called upon for assistance.


Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Arizona probate appeals lawyers provide experienced, high-quality and cost-effective Arizona appellate legal services. They are retained by parties throughout Arizona to appeal their cases, and have argued successful appeals before the Arizona Court of Court of Appeals. Our Arizona probate appeals attorney's assist clients during the initial trial, working collaboratively with trial lawyers to frame legal theories, draft motions, and preserve the record at trial.

Unique Insight

In litigating any case, while it is crucial to keep the perspective of the trial judge in mind, trial lawyers must also consider the perspective of the justices who will decide the outcome of the eventual appeal.

Commitment to Knowledge of the Law

Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Arizona appeals lawyers are sought-after speakers and writers in various legal disciplines and industry areas. Graduate education for our lawyers is not the end of our education efforts. Our Arizona appeals attorneys and staff engage in active postgraduate education, regularly attend national and industry education conferences. In keeping abreast of the development of the law, we set the bar for work quality and we continually strive to enhance our ability to deliver a high-level of service.

Handle Appeals Cost-Effectively

Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Arizona probate appeals attorneys strive to acheive optimum cost effectiveness for our clients. Senior lawyers supervise each case and delegate tasks to associates and staff with the appropriate skill levels and experience.

Think Ahead

Skilled trial representation is only part of the equation. To ensure that your litigation needs are fully covered, it is important to think past the trial before it even begins to the likely appeal. By being an integral part of the trial team, they also are best positioned to handle appellate emergencies that often arise, because, in trial, time is always of the essence. With a team of proven lawyers focusing their practices in this critical and very distinct area of the law, experienced appellate counsel is an essential component in any litigation strategy.

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To speak to one of our Arizona probate appeals attorneys, please call our principal offices in Scottsdale at (480) 556-5800, or if you prefer, contact us through this web site and a lawyer from our office will get in touch with you promptly.