Will Contests

Validity of Arizona Wills

In Arizona, a will is not automatically valid when signed. Arizona law requires that the deceased person was of clear state of mind when the will was signed, understood his or her actions when executing the will, and signed the will voluntarily.

Who Has Standing To Challenge Arizona Wills

Further, Arizona law has certain requirements regarding who may challenge the validity of a will.  in order for a person to challenge a will, he or she must have standing to do so. Generally, any family member, such as a surviving spouse, children, grandparent, or other relative has standing. An individual named in a prior will who no longer benefits from the current will also has standing to challenge the validity of the will. The most common issue litigated in Arizona will contests is undue influence. Other challenges to wills include the deceased's lack of mental incapacity, unsound mind, or mental incompetence, the statutory validity of a will, last minute changes of wills, executor misconduct, trustee misconduct and fraud or duress.

Extensive Experience

Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals who are challenging the validity of a will. Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Arizona will contest attorneys also have extensive experience representing executors and personal representatives who are defending the validity of the will against a challenge.

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